Kevin Hart just lost his custody case!

Kevin Hart just lost his custody case

Radar Online published the story below quoting Hart as saying changing diapers is “not a father’s job”   Granted, Kevin Hart doesn’t have a custody case……yet.   But coming off the heels of a cheating scandal on your pregnant wife, it is only a matter of time.  Texas law looks at parents of both genders equally.  There is no “tender age doctrine”.   Changing diapers is not  only a “mother’s job”.   Many fathers have custody of their infant children and do amazingly well.  He later said it was a joke.  Alex Jones tried to use the “I am a radio personality, it’s not what I really think excuse” and it didn’t work.  A Texas jury recently awarded his wife custody of all of their children against the expert’s recommendation.  But I digress, I want to write a whole post on that case.

It’s ‘Not A Father’s’ Job! Kevin Hart Refusing To Change Diapers After Cheating Drama

‘I don’t want to deal with that,’ admitted the sleazy comedian.New-dad Kevin Hart is not about to go on diaper duty! The comedian may have just welcomed son Kenzo Kash with wife Eniko Parrish this November, but he’s made it clear that what the baby truly needs is his mother, not him.This Monday – at the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle premiere – the outspoken star talked to Extra’s Mario Lopez about his newborn son.

With a newborn it’s very tough, they’re fragile, they need a mother’s touch; that’s not a father’s time, so I said, ‘Don’t tag me in ’til me and the baby are on terms of ‘Stop!’ and he can listen to that; I don’t want to deal with that new, new,’” he added.

After receiving his backlash for his strange baby comment, Hart took to Twitter to defend himself, writing: “Real men also can tell when people are joking or being sarcastic. People are truly ignorant.”

He even tried to blame his controversial humor on his profession, adding, “Here is some reality for you… Kevin Hart is a ‘Comedian’….All I can do is laugh at the stuff that people take off and run with.”

As previously reported, Hart was caught in an explosive cheating scandal just weeks before Parrish gave birth to their first child.PHOTOS: Kevin Hart Throws Massive Malibu Baby Shower For Wife Eniko After Cheating Scandal

Actress Montia Sabbag claimed she and Hart had an “intimate” sexual encounter in a Las Vegas hotel room, while the star’s pregnant wife stayed home alone.

While Parrish, 33, chose to forgive her baby daddy after he apologized for his actions, a source told Radar she put him on a tight leash, and life-long curfew!

“He can’t party and let his hair down like he used to because Eniko tracks his every move and makes him 100 percent accountable for wherever he’s been,” an insider revealed.